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In the early 1940's the United States government covertly assembled an elite team of designers, engineers and creative minds to formulate inventions & lateral strategies to solve unconventional problems of the day. Their first invention, the Tank Jet would forever immortalize the group which would later be known as Tank Jet Studios. Tank Jet Studios, now 3 members strong, is still in operation today, at an undisclosed location in Brooklyn NY.

After the war, Tank Jet Studios refocused it's creative efforts on innovations in the consumer markets. Using state of the art Idea Technology, Tank Jet Studios creates compelling experiences and solutions to the problems of modern day media. Our [skills] in Web and Application Development, Product Design, illustration, branding and copy, allow us to meet the needs of almost any project.



Domesticated is a movement. Our goal is to provide consumers with an easy-to-navigate database of american made goods, and for the businesses, a place to reach those consumers in search of your products. But our database goes even deeper than that, attempting to pin point in which state each product is made, so that consumers can take solace in the fact that their purchase is helping a local industry. It's time to revive the great American tradition of quality craftsmanship and unrivaled industry. It's time to end our dependence on foreign made goods. It's time to get Domesticated.